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Wurmwood Photography is a studio of one artist/photographer and owner, Jessica Hess.
I am a highly experienced, professional, and internationally published freelance photographer with a studio located in Hillsboro Ohio, and willing to travel just about anywhere. I specialize in conceptual portraits, portfolio work, and darker more alternative styles, but can and do work skillfully with any and all traditional styles of portrait photography. With a background in retouching, graphic design, and special FX, I know how to produce stunning and elaborate shots that may seem unobtainable to most. What many others cannot do I can, and no idea is too challenging or scary for me. I'm always willing to go the extra mile to make a good portrait, even if that means lighting something on fire, building an elaborate set, or creating one of a kind accessory pieces for our session. I work with top of the line gear, models, and designers to hone my craft and hope to add you to my list of satisfied customers. Backed by insurance from the Professional Photographers of America, you can rest assured that you'll be covered in the event of equipment malfunction on your event or big day, and will also be covered should equipment be damaged while on the job.
My primary focus for model collaboration is beauty and fashion, and I adore shooting makeup and outlandish wardrobes. I work with clients and models alike to produce top quality images that you'll be proud of and cherish. 
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