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Fine art, Conceptual, Fashion, Portraits

Prices are based on the number of finished, professionally edited digital photos you receive from our shoot. 
Print your photos anywhere you want, as many times as you want at no additional charge!
More information at the bottom of this page, please read page in it's entirety. 
Prices subject to change.

 Headshots, Lifestyle, Children, Newborns, Seniors, Engagements, Etc. 


3 Finished Photos - $145
5 Finished Photos - $190
8 Finished Photos - $250
10 Finished Photos - $290


3 Finished Photos - $185
5 Finished Photos - $240
8 Finished Photos - $320
10 Finished Photos - $320

Families & Groups

(All prices are for 3 or more people)
3 Finished Photos - $225
5 Finished Photos - $300
8 Finished Photos - $405
10 Finished Photos – $475

Portfolio Building, Fashion, Ethereal, Bands, Cosplay, Magical, Extravagant ideas.

“How are these packages different than portrait packages?”

Portrait sessions are much simpler than themed or conceptual sessions. While portrait sessions involve simple portraits or lifestyle shots, these sessions may require building props, body painting, fx, renting locations, or other things. Themed sets may include cosplays, or other themes that require a great deal of editing or photo manipulation. They may also require multiple wardrobe changes or extreme lighting setups. Time spent planning for these shoots, as well as finishing the photos, is considerably increased in comparison to regular portrait sessions. Prices for these shoots will be calculated based on estimated time and resources needed to complete props/editing/wardrobe/makeup. Please note these prices are base prices, and may increase as the level of work required to produce your idea increases. These shoots are NOT limited to the 3-5 hours shooting time rule. Portraits sessions are still perfect for your modeling portfolio however, and are great for headshots/beauty shots/makeup/etc. If you aren't sure if your idea belongs in the portrait package group or the themed & conceptual one, just ask.


3 Finished Photos – Starting at $220
5 Finished Photos – Starting at $315
8 Finished Photos – Starting at $450
10 Finished Photos – Starting at $540


3 Finished Photos – Starting at $260
5 Finished Photos – Starting at $365
8 Finished Photos – Starting at $520
10 Finished Photos – Starting at $620


3 Finished Photos – Starting at $310
5 Finished Photos – Starting at $435
8 Finished Photos – Starting at $620
10 Finished Photos – Starting at $740

Weddings and events are ever changing and always different!
Email me at to discuss options and pricing for your big day or show!
No event is too large or small!

All wedding packages include:
- A second photographer ( and 1-2 assistants. 
(Only 1 photographer and 1 assistant needed for intimate weddings)
- All of the best and our favorite  images edited, with your choice of additional edits.
- All edited and unedited images on disc or emailed to you.
- A free print release and rights to print your images anywhere you'd like.
- 10% off an engagement session or boudoir session booked with us.
- Free in person meeting/consultation.
-30 mins - 1 hour setup before the wedding free of charge.

Wedding Estimates:
**These are estimated prices and will usually vary depending on your individual wedding!
Prices vary depending upon location, amount of guests, whether it's indoors/outdoors, & more.**

Intimate Wedding / 0-10 guests / 1-2 hours - $600 
Small Wedding / 10-20 guests / 2-4 hours - $800
Medium Wedding / 20-50 guests / 3-6 hours - $1,000 
Large Wedding / 50-80 guests / 4-8 hours - $1,200 
Huge Wedding / 80+ guests / 6-10 hours - $1,600 

Looking for something else?
I am skilled and experienced in many types of photography. I offer product and realty photography, as well as other miscellaneous specialties, Please don't hesitate to email me at if you're looking for someone to shoot your collection, home for sale, etc.

Living Portraits

(View Living Portraits page for more info and examples.)
Living portraits are available as add-ons to any package, or as a separate service where I edit a photo that you send in. 
Animated images can be saved in your choice of mp4 or gif.
Add on to package: $45 per animated portrait
You send photo: $65 per animated portrait

Traveling Fees

Travel to me (Hillsboro) - Free

If I must travel to you, the fees are as follows:
Hillsboro / New Vienna / Leesburg - Free
Greenfeild / Wilmington / Bainbridge - $10
Chillicothe / WCH / Waverly - $15
Cincinnati / Dayton / Columbus / Athens - $30
Newport / Louisville / Indianapolis /Cleveland / Toledo / Youngstown - $75
Other locations - Ask
(Priced as Round trip)


-We accept Cash, Checks, Google Payments, and Paypal. 

-You can expect your finished photos within a few days to a week from shoot date. If you purchased a lot of photos, or if we did a very elaborate shoot, expect the wait time to be closer to 1.5-2 weeks.  Weddings can be anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. Actual turnaround times may vary.

-Sessions do not include prints (unless given free as part of a promotion), but instead all packages come with a free print release, giving you legal rights to print your images anywhere you want and as many times as you want with no additional fees. Your finished images will be emailed to you in a digital format.
Your release will allow you to print your photos, but does NOT permit you to sell them, make money from them, or claim them as your own photographic work. If you would like to purchase the commercial rights to resell your photographs and make money from them, you may purchase the commercial releases for $90 a photo. Owning commercial rights still does not permit you to claim the piece as your own photographic work, but will allow you to use the images commercially. If you are unsure if you need the commercial license or not for your project, just ask.

-Sessions do not include hair, makeup, or wardrobe but plans for all three can be made accordingly. A stylist can be hired as an addition to your package, and costumes can be rented. If you would like to explore these options, simply inquire about them when booking your session. 

-All packages include a time limit of up to three hours shooting time. For packages with hair and makeup, the time limit is 5 hours. If the photoshoot has to run over time, as deemed necessary by me, you will not be charged for the extra time.  Conceptual sets are not subject to this time rule, and may run over.

-You will receive two digital versions of each photo. One is a high resolution, unwatermarked version to use for printing, and the other is a web sized version with a small Wurmwood Photography watermark. It is important to remember that the print and web versions are different types of files. The web version will look incredibly blurry if printed, and the print version will look blurry if uploaded online. You must be sure to print or upload the correct files. Each file will be labeled PRINT or WEB in the title for your convenience, and you are not permitted to upload the unwatermarked version on your social networks. All watermarks are small and non-invasive to the photograph. 

Example watermarks:


-A $50 deposit is due at time of booking to reserve your spot. For weddings we require a $100 deposit.
We cannot book your date without the deposit. All deposits go toward the total price of your package, are considered "initial payments", and all are NONREFUNDABLE. 
-The remaining balance must be paid in full before the scheduled date of the shoot, or 7 days before your wedding/event.
-If you hire a makeup artist and/or hairstylist they may require an additional deposit at time of booking.

-If you need to cancel your shoot, you will not receive your deposit back. You may however use the deposit to book another date, another type of shoot, or to reschedule entirely provided you cancel at least 72 hours before our scheduled shoot time, or before 7 days for a wedding/event. If you cancel or reschedule within 72 hours of the shoot (or 7 days for wedding/events) you will be required to pay another deposit and the first will be forfeited and not count toward your total. 
-If you cancel entirely with ample notice, you are entitled to a full refund of any balance paid towards your total, not including the non-refundable deposit. 
-If you no call/no show on the day of the photoshoot, you may be required to pay full price up front in the future and you will only receive a 50% refund on any balance already paid, not including your non-refundable deposit. 
-If you booked a makeup artist and/or hairstylist for your shoot, they may have their own clause for canceling, and canceling with short notice and deposits. We work with many different makeup artists, so be sure to ask what the cancellation and rescheduling policy is for your particular artist when booking.
-Taxes and fees are not included in your refund amount.

By hiring Wurmwood Photography, you agree with our terms and conditions.

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