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Welcome to my BTS page!
Here you can find out a bit about me, and see some photos of me or my assistants in action!
My name is Jess Hess. and I am absolutely obsessed with art and photography. I've been taking photos en masse since I was very young, and the urge to photograph never went away. I get just as excited to photograph some bugs as I do a model. I just really love taking photos!
I'm a huge fan of variety. I prefer to create an entirely custom idea for every single client to keep things fresh and unique. I love to create, and as such I make props, accessories, costumes, and more for clients and for my personal projects. 
I have done a number of things in my day, and can do all kinds of things. I have made a living editing photos, coding websites, 3d printing, painting/drawing, and piercing faces. I am a crafter by nature, be it digital or traditional. If it can be made, I can probably make it. 
My artwork has been featured on a number of albums, covers, flyers, and ads. I've created websites and layouts for some really cool brands, produced manufacturing items for makeup companies, designed clothing for websites, and so much more. I have been a piercing model for, had my ugly mug in a music video, and have had the great honor to interview numerous amazing artists and musicians with my co-owner/editor position at Propulsion Magazine. I've been featured on a number of art, photography, and editing websites and blogs, and have been a guest or featured artist on several podcasts and webshows.  There's a little piece of "me" all over.
I'm a jack of all trades and a master of... well, a few! 
I also like to write on the topic of photography and am always looking to help beginning photographers on their journey. 
I was born and raised in southern Ohio, and I'm a huge fan of the state I live in. I'm a proud Ohioan and couldn't see myself thriving anywhere else but here. Home is where you make it, and my home is something special. I have a beautiful but insane family. My best friends in the world are my 11 year old son, my fiance, and my brother. We're a very tight-knit family and they are actively involved in everything I do. 
As a family we are kind of obsessed with spooky stuff. Our home is filled with oddities and interesting bits and ends. Our home itself is a bit of an oddity! We live in an old historic church that looks like a castle and is surrounded on all sides by graveyards. Odd indeed! Once we get settled into our new home, I will be offering photography classes and workshops as well as renting my space to other local artists. We will also utilize the space to embark on even bigger costuming projects, and plan to start offering more wardrobe and accessories. Follow our journey at

I've been featured in a number of publications. including but not limited to:
La Petite Alternative Magazine - April 2010
Interview with Necro Girls Magazine - Issue 1 Jan. 2013
Sublime Rush Magazine - Issue 8
Interview with fiXE Magazine - April 2013
Interview with Necro Girls Magazine, Issue 1
Featured Artist - Crazy Bitch Magazine, Issue 4 March 2017
Realm Magazine, April 2017
World of Goth Magazine, April 2017
Imirage Magazine "Floral Fantasy" Issue, June 2017 + Back cover
World of Goth Magazine Back Cover - July 2017
Avant Jardin Magazine Back Cover - July 2017
Videnoir Advertisement, passed out at Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2018 
Dark Parlour Magazine - October 2017
Propulsion Magazine (multiple issues)
Jazzy Magazine  - January 2018
Duende Magazine - March 2018
Realm Magazine June 2018
Behind The Shutter Magazine August 2018
Behind The Shutter November 2018 - Article and 10-page spread
Dark Beauty X Magazine (x2 - Coming soon!)
Vampirella Comic Books (COVER-Coming soon!)

Now, on to the photos!