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Event Photography

*These prices are not valid for weddings, please view those prices on the Wedding Packages page.*

Event Type One - 
Services include walking around taking general portraits of event goers. All images are posted to a public online album for everyone to see after the event.

Event Type Two - 
Services include setting up a booth and taking studio style portraits of event goers. Attendees are not charged, and are given a slip of paper with a link to an album that will have the finished photos after the event.

Event Type Three - 
Services include setting up a booth and taking studio style portraits of event goers. Attendees are charged to participate (instead of event host paying), and fill out forms with their information. Attendees will receive their photos emailed to them, as well as emailed to the event host if they agree to allow said host to use them for promotional reasons.

Event Type Four - 
Services include photographing artists participating in a live performance, such as a play, musical, or live music (solo artists, bands, and orchestras). Whoever contracted the photos (venue, artist, or both) will be emailed the finished photos upon completion.  

Event Type 0 - 
Services include any two or more of the above mentioned types of events. Some events are unique and may require more than just one kind of service. Services can be mashed and blended to suit your needs.

Hired by venue or business:                                                    Hired by artist(s)

2 hours: $200                                      2 hours: $100
3 hours: $300                                      3 hours: $150
4 hours: $400                                     
4 hours: $200
6 hours: $700                                     6 hours: $350
2-3 day event: $2,000 - $3000         2-3 day event: $1,000 - $1,500

Prices are only estimates, price may vary depending on actual hours and type(s) of event.


- For all events, I require free entry for myself and at least one assistant.
- For events requiring services explained under type two and three, I will require ample space to set up and work. A minimum of 10 ft of horizontal wall space is necessary, and more is better. 
- Event packages have no set amount of finished photos, but you are promised a minimum of at least;
     + 15 finished photos per hour for event type 1.
     + 5 finished photos per hour for event type 4.
- No minimum photo guarantees
 on event types 2 & 3, as these types are dependent on event goers coming to me, and the minimum will adjust based on how many people choose to use my services.
- Discounts are given to local bands and performers who actively perform publicly on a semi-regular basis. 
-If you would like to have your event sponsored by Propulsion Magazine, just ask. I will bring Propulsion promotional gear to hand out, and we will promote the event/venue/band on all social media. 
-All event sessions come with commercial licenses free of charge (normally $20 a photo). This means the person who contracted the photo will have legal rights to print/reproduce and sell the images, use the images for merchandise, and use the images for promotional reasons and other direct sales. You will still be required to give photo credits where possible. Credits are not required to be printed on merchandise unless it is a CD or album. 
-Bands looking for non-live band photos should refer to the usual Packages page and view the group session prices. Should you want a mixture of live and non-live, we can make a package to accommodate both. Regular packages do not include commercial licenses, but they can be added for an extra fee, or we can build a package that includes the commercial licenses and fits within your budget.
-All events require a $50-$100 non-refundable deposit to book the date. Deposits count toward the total purchase price.
-The remaining balance is due 7 days before event date. If you cancel or
reschedule within 7 days of the event you may be required to pay an additional deposit to book another date.

Traveling Fees (round trip): 
Hillsboro / New Vienna / Leesburg - Free
Greenfeild / Wilmington / Bainbridge - $5
Chillicothe / WCH / Waverly - $10
Cincinnati / Dayton / Columbus / Athens - $30
Newport / Louisville / Indianapolis - $50
Cleveland / Toledo / Youngstown - $75
Other locations - Ask