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Can I book a Couple's shoot for me and a friend and do different themes?
No. If you and a friend want to shoot on the same day we can arrange that, however you cannot combine two separate sessions into one couple's sessions to save money, as both themes will require separate time and planning. If you book a couple's sessions for you and a friend, it will only cover one theme and photos of you together. If you and a friend plan to pose together for some photos and separate for others, just email me and I can build a custom package for you in the same price range. 

Will we receive or get to view copies of the unedited photos as well?
No, I do not give or show copies of the unedited extras for multiple reasons. Rest assured that every photo you get is hand picked and tediously retouched to ensure you receive the perfect, best photos every time. I DO however include all the non-blurry, good shots that are unedited for wedding and event packages.

Will we get to view proofs of our images during the shoot?
Yes and no. I may show you a shot here and there as we are shooting to encourage you and show you how cool you or the set looks, but I will not go through every photo taken with you. Half of the fun is in the surprise. In some locations, I can hook my camera to a tv or monitor and you can watch yourself live as I shoot, but this is not available everywhere (like outside).

Will you edit me to look thinner?
I will never edit you to look thinner without being asked, nor will I ask to edit you thinner unless it is a photoshoot in which the express purpose is novelty or intense photo manipulation (adding arms, extreme edits, etc.). I will however do subtle edits to accommodate a range of things you may be worried about. I will remove stray hairs, blemishes, goosebumps, cuts/scratches/bruises, spots of clothing sitting poorly, debris on your clothes, sweat, unwanted hairs, and harsh shadows (such as on armpits). These edits are minor and only alter the photo slightly, but give it a polished look. I can also hide tattoos and piercings, change eye color, hair color(sometimes) if need be or asked. I can also edit the colors of your clothes if needed to match one another better.
If you are interested in appearing thinner, there ARE things I can do to help you, in terms of makeup, lighting and shadows, and very slight alterations to curves and lines, but this will only be done if it is asked of me. I cannot make you look realistically thin if you are overweight, but I can promise to give you polished photos that you will be proud of, regardless of size. It's not hard to make any woman look beautiful, and I don't do it with photoshop, but rather we start by making you FEEL beautiful, then the rest is easy. 

Do you accept tf* shoots?
On occasion I do offer trade shoots, but they are few and far between. When I do trade shoots, I tend to be quite selective about who I photograph. I will either message a specific person or I will post casting calls on facebook.
If I'm shooting for free, it is because it is an idea that I have that I want to shoot, or it's for a project of mine. This usually means I will need a very specific look, and I will need someone with the ability to do what I need done. This means that more of my free shoots will go to professional models more often than anyone else. This doesn't mean that I won't shoot aspiring models for free sometimes. If you have the look I need, it doesn't matter what experience you have.

Do you shoot plus sized girls? (I get this a lot!)
ABSOLUTELY! To not photograph bigger girls would be doing a disservice to eyes everywhere. For starters, if you are a paying client your looks have no bearing on whether I will or will not work with you. If you are applying for a tf* shoot, you will only be turned down for your size if the theme or concept requires someone of a different build. There are all kinds of ideas and concepts that I have that would suit women and men of ANY body type, and others that REQUIRE fuller figures! Don't be afraid to contact us, regardless of size, shape, color, or creed. 

Can you do regular work?
That's an odd question, and not entirely specific, but I have received it a multitude of times. I will answer simply;
my work is already pretty regular. It is true that I do lean towards the "darker" more artsy styles of photography, rather than simple portraits. It is my favorite style and a personal style that I have built over many years. However, you'd be surprised how wonderfully my style can blend with any and all other styles. I'm a fan of dramatic lighting and shadows, and crisp, clean details. This style can work beautifully with any type of portrait. Be it country bride in the sunset, fairy princess, family portraits, or anything in between, I can shoot it. Take a look at my children, wedding, and portraits album for examples of this.