Wurmwood Photography

Fine art, Conceptual, Portraits

Come spend an entire day in a beautiful historic church with some of your bucket list photographers from around the state and country.
You’ll spend the day working with 5 eclectic, highly skilled photographers.

This is a portfolio building and portrait event you don’t want to miss! Great for new and seasoned models alike.
Your portfolio will never be the same again! Spots are VERY limited, get yours today!


Essentially, it is a day spent doing 5 separate photoshoots with 5 different photographers, very similar to a group shoot. The main difference between this and a group shoot is that you are hiring the best of the best to photograph you, and are buying portrait packages from them. This means you are a client and with that comes certain advantages. You know that your photographers will show up, you know that you are getting back images from your sessions, and you know how many images you’ll receive. Think of it as hiring 5 photographers and getting a major discount for doing them all on the same day. No messaging to schedule time slots, no competing with other models to get a photographer’s spot; You will be working with ALL the photographers. A deal like this has never been offered, and nowhere else can you shoot with these photographers at these prices.

When:  Sunday, April 26th, 2020
Doors Open: 10am
Where:  Castle Morningstar
              3680 Wagner Ford Rd.
              Dayton, OH 45414



Jess Hess - Dayton, OH - Fine Art | Portraits

Jess Hess is an internationally published fine art photographer from Ohio. She utilizes bright, vivid colors and odd concepts to create an interesting take on portraits. Her work is regularly featured on several prominent photography websites, numerous magazines and blog features, and even the cover of a Vampirella comic book.


Abe Robinson - Cleveland, OH - Horror | Conceptual

Blind 7 Photography is a fully immersive commercial photography studio based in Cleveland Ohio. With 17 years of pushing the envelope visually to help you Stand Out! We specialize in Dark bold imagery with deep palatines.

Countless publications all across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Including billboard top 5 artists, Print and digital media.




Winter Kelly - Butler Twsp, OH - Fantasy | Fine Art

Winter Kelly is the owner of WinterWolf Studios, a fine-art photography company based out of Cincinnati and Dayton, OH. Formed in 2005 at a young age, WinterWolf is known for creating fantastical images that provide glimpses of unusual beauty amidst colorful fairytale worlds. She has a fond love of both moody dark imagery and lighter, ethereal art, and is proud to have been featured in a variety of some of the top photography and photoshop print magazines in the world.



Paige Albin - Detroit, MI - Fine Art | Fantasy

Paige Albin is a young visionary artist specializing in photography, retouching, styling and directing. She is currently working on going back to her roots as a traditional artist to incorporate those qualities into her photography work. Bringing alternatively beautiful and bizarre visions to life with her dark atmospheric approach to visuals and her distinct editing techniques.


Derek Mick - San Antonio, TX - Horror | Conceptual

Obscuri is a dark photographer based in Texas. He has been shooting professionally since 1999 and his work has appeared in numerous magazines. He’s also photographed many industrial bands such as; Psyclon Nine, Combichrist, Dawn of Ashes, Imperative Reaction, VNV Nation, and God Module. He enjoys photographing dark subjects with great lighting.


> 5 sessions with 5 different photographers, a forty-five minute session with each.
> 2 edited digital photos from each photographer. (Total of 10 photos!)

> 5 sessions with 5 different photographers, a forty-five minute session with each.
> 3 edited digital photos from each photographer. (Total of 15 photos!)
> 1 free 20x30 print from your session with Wurmwood Photography.
> 1 free 20x30 print from your session with Blind 7 Photography.
> 1 free 20x30 print from your session with Obscuri.

Deposits do come out of the total package price. You can make your deposit in multiple payments, but your spot is not considered secure until the full $150 has been received.
Everyone who books will be put on a payment plan that works for them. Due dates are important to retain your spot. More info at the bottom of this page.

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3680 Wagner Ford Rd.
Dayton, Ohio 45414

Castle Morningstar is the name affectionately given to the 19th-century “Beardshear Chapel”, located in Harrison Township, Ohio.
Teeming with history, surrounded on all sides by graves, and with original owners buried out back, the old chapel is truly an iconic and interesting landmark in its small Dayton community.

Original stained glass 99% intact, this 5,000+ sf building is every old house lover’s dream.
Complete with a stage and pulpits, an altar, and lots of natural decay, Castle Morningstar is a sight to behold.


Come for the scenery, stay because the ghosts locked you in.

- A non-refundable deposit/initial payment of $150 is due to secure your spot. You may make your deposit in multiple payments, but understand that your spot is not considered secure until the deposit has been paid in full.
- Payments can be made via Paypal, Facebook Payments, Google Wallet, or check/money order/cash in person. (Please note that if you choose to pay via paypal you will be charged an additional 3% to cover fees.)
- When you sign up and pay your deposit, you will be put on a payment schedule that works for you. Due dates are important to make in order to retain your spot.
- Should you need to cancel your reservation, you can do so at any time. So long as you cancel 72+ hours before the time and date of the event, you will receive a full refund minus the $150 non-refundable retainer. If you cancel with 72 hours or less before the time and date of the event, you will not receive a refund.

-Choose a neutral makeup look. It’s easy to change clothes in 20 minutes, but not so easy to change makeup. Choose a makeup look that will match with all your sessions, or organize your shoots in a way to where you only have to make slight changes in between.
-You will receive 2 images back from each photographer. Each photographer may have their own release schedule or turnaround time so it is important to ask how long it should be before you expect your images. In addition to the contract you sign when purchasing your slot, each photographer may have a separate release form or contract for you to sign. If you purchase the upgraded package for only $200 more, you will receive 1 extra image from each photographer, totaling 5 extra images (15 images in all!)
-You are responsible for keeping your time slots. If you show up late and miss your first slot, if your lunch runs over and you come back late, or if you spend the first 15 minutes of your session still getting ready, the photographer booked with you during that time is not obligated to give you extra time after the event to make up for it, nor are you entitled to a partial refund for that time missed. You must be punctual.
-You will have 45 minutes allotted for each photographer you work with. Many may not need the entire time to shoot. You may plan with your photographer ahead of time to spend the first half of the session in makeup or he/she may finish snapping the photos after 30 minutes and give you the rest of the time as a break. How you spend and organize each time slot is between you and that photographer.
-Snacks and water will be provided. Make time to plan for snacks to keep your stamina up. If you’ve never participated in a group shoot before you should know that it’s a lot of work and things can get hectic. Use your breaks wisely and get plenty of sleep the night before!
-You will be responsible for your conduct inside and outside of the church. You are financially responsible for anything you break, and you must act appropriately if utilizing the graveyard for a session. We are on a very busy road and locals may not take too kindly to inappropriate behavior in one of their oldest graveyards.
-Assistants and escorts are allowed, but to keep space as open as possible we ask that each client bring no more than ONE person with you to help you out.