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Thank you everyone for participating in our 2019 Space Babes Calendar Contest! The competition was fierce and we had over 84 THOUSAND votes cast in total! I am proud to announce our winners below! Now starts the hard part: Costuming, planning, and shooting! We've got a lot of work ahead of us to finish this calendar in time, and we're gonna need your help! Scroll below to find info on donations, merchandise, and more! Also, be sure to join the mailing list to be notified when this calendar goes live! 

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Prints & Posters:

Prints and posters will become available as we shoot our winners! Check back for updates!

Coming Soon:
5x7 Print
12x18 Print
18x24 Poster


In addition to the calendar, we will be creating a coffee table book full of behind the scenes shots, extra images, and more! 
*Not Yet Available*


Want to donate to the cause even further? Buy one of our 3d printed ray gun keychains! All keychains are $5 + $3 s&h in the U.S.
To purchase, send your $8 to
Be sure to include your full name and address in the notes section so we know where to send your keychain.
Keychains will be printed and shipped immediately, and you will receive an email to the address you signed with when it ships.
Want to pay a different way, or want one shipped internationally? Email us at Booking@WurmwoodPhotography for inquiries. 
Buying more than one? You only need to pay $3 shipping for the first, and then an additional $1 more shipping for each gun. 
*Please note, all ray guns are painted silver and are not green. Because of 3d printing, guns may vary slightly from piece to piece.*

Ray Guns & Props!

Ray guns and other props made for this project will be auctioned off after they are used! Keep an eye out for availability! 
Hand crafted and one of a kind from Pinnacle Props.

Want another shot at getting one of these ray guns?
Everyone who donates (even $1) will be entered in a drawing to win The following prize pack:
- A free copy of the calendar, signed by every model and photographer.
- One free ray gun used on one of the pages.
-A free 16x20 Space Babe poster


In addition to the calendar, each photo will be available as an exclusive 16x20 poster, 5x7 print, and coffee table book (including behind the scenes, outtakes, and extra images)

After shooting is wrapped up, the ray guns and other props we'll be creating will be auctioned off, raffled away, and part of a giveaway. 

Wurmwood Photography


Donations are being accepted via paypal at
All donations will be used for props, set building, and costumes.
Everyone who donates (even $1) will be entered in a drawing to win The following prize pack:
- A free copy of the calendar, signed by every model and photographer.
- One free ray gun used on one of the pages.
-A free 16x20 Space Babe poster

Anyone who donates $50 or more (money or supplies) will be named at the end of the coffee table book as a special thank you. 
If you would like to donate or lend your costume pieces/props, or if you would like to donate supplies, please let us know!
Any designers who want to sponsor the project by lending costume pieces will be credited at the end of the calendar and coffee table book. 


 This project will require extensive prop and set building, as well as elaborate costumes and makeup. In order to make this the best we can, I am looking for all the help I can get. Folks who want to offer their time to build sets, props, do makeup, and more. All volunteers will be listed on a special thank you page in the calendar as well as the coffee table book.

Behind The Scenes:

Photos and video will be taken of the entire process! Prop and set building, makeup, and the photoshoots themselves!  Be sure to follow Wurmwood Photography on facebook for all the updates!


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