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Wedding Packages

Wedding packages come with two different kinds of photos. Posed photos, and event photos. Posed photos are photos that are set up prior to being shot, whereas event photos are candids and behind the scenes photos. Posed photos take more time to complete, utilize unique lighting setups for each different shot, and require a higher level of editing. Think of posed photos as studio photos, even if shot outdoors. Posed photos are breathtaking additions to all wedding packages, and a must have for that "Wow!" piece to hang on your wall. All posed and event photos are skillfully edited before being sent to you, but you may also choose to purchase the extra unedited photos from the event from our A La Carte menu if desired.

"Top picks of mine"? What is that?
Often times clients will look at photos quite differently than a photographer. A photographer is looking at the whole picture. We are looking at the composition, how well you look, the lighting, everything! When a client looks at photos, sometimes many people are only concerned with how they look. It's natural to do, but has the unfortunate consequence of limiting the quality of the overall session. What I mean by this is that you may overlook a photo that can be excellent simply because you don't like your hair sits in it, or something else that is easily modified in post. As the photographer, I can see a general idea of the final image in my head before I even begin editing, which is a vision I can't easily share with you. I can see how to crop it or background things to remove. When I pick some of the photos, you can be sure that I am picking the absolute best images from the entire set, and they will be finished to perfection. Only wedding event photos are given proofs for this reason, and engagement/bridal packages will be treated as normal portrait packages with no proofs given. Again, this is to ensure that you receive the highest of quality images you can get, and your satisfaction is guaranteed! 

Silver Package One - $285
-3 hours of shooting
-3 posed photos (top 1 pick of mine, you choose 2)
-15 event photos

Silver Package Two - $365
-4 hours of shooting
-3 posed photos (top 1 pick of mine, you choose 2)
-20 event photos

Silver Package Three - $475
-5 hours of shooting
-5 posed photos (top 2 picks of mine, you choose 3)
-25 event photos


Gold Package One - $525
-5 hours of shooting
-5 posed photos (top 1 pick of mine, you choose 4)
-30 event photos 

Gold Package Two - $650
-6 hours of shooting
-8 posed photos (top 2 picks of mine, you choose 6)
-35 event photos

Gold Package Three - $760
-7 hours of shooting
-10 posed photos (top 2 picks of mine, you choose 8)
-40 event photos


Traveling Fees (round trip): 
Hillsboro / New Vienna / Leesburg - Free
Greenfeild / Wilmington / Bainbridge - $5
Chillicothe / WCH / Waverly - $10
Cincinnati / Dayton / Columbus / Athens - $30
Newport / Louisville / Indianapolis - $50
Cleveland / Toledo / Youngstown - $75
Other locations - Ask


Platinum Package One - $955
-3 hour engagement session
-6 hour event shooting time
-5 posed photos from engagement session
-10 posed photos from the wedding (top 3 picks of mine, 7 you choose)
-40 event photos

Platinum Package Two - $1,095
-3 hour engagement session
-8 hour event shooting time
-6 posed photos from engagement session
-15 posed photos from wedding (top 3 picks of mine, 12 you choose)
-45 event photos
-Complimentary 18x24 poster 

Platinum Package Three - $1,390
-3 hour engagement session
-8 to 10 hour event shooting time
-10 posed photos from engagement session
-20 posed photos from the wedding (top 3 picks of mine, 17 you choose)
-45 event photos
-Complimentary 18x24 poster
-All the quality, high resolution unedited shots on a cd included.


The Rhodium Package - $2,500
- 4 hour Engagement Session 
- 3 hour Bridal Portrait Session 
- 10 -12  hour event shooting time (including rehearsal dinner if desired)
- 10 posed photos from Engagement session
- 6 posed photos from Bridal session
- 25 posed photos from the wedding (top 3 picks of mine, 22 you choose)
- ALL high quality/non-blurry photos from the wedding edited & finished, and sent via email or cd.
- Three Complimentary 18x24 posters




- Single posed image of your choice - $20
- Three posed images of your choice - $50
- 5 unedited photos of your choice - $50 
    *small edits such as color correction and blemish removal may be provided*
- All unedited shots on CD -
 $200 *All blurry and bad photos removed*
- Photo Book | 30 Pages - Coming soon
- Photo Book | 60 pages - Coming soon
- 16x20 Poster Print (unframed) - $20 for first, $5 each after
- 18x24 Poster Print (unframed) - 
$25 for first, $5 each after
- Commercial license -
 $20 per photo, or $500 for all photos from set.
   *A commercial license allows you to sell or reproduce your images for profit*

**Purchasing all unedited shots from the event costs $200, but the number of images may vary considerably from client to client. If you hire me for 3 hours of shooting time there will be far less photos taken than if I were there shooting for 7 hours. The cost for the extra unedited photos remains the same regardless of quantity, but you can secure more bang for your buck by hiring me to be there for more hours. You can do this by choosing a package that includes more time, or by asking to add more time to existing packages for a fee. **

Bridal Portrait Packages

Bridal sessions are a great way to get elegant, studio quality images of the bride-to-be in her dress without using up too much time from the actual wedding day. Shooting bridal portraits on a separate day before the wedding allows us the extra time needed to take polished portraits that show the personality of the bride to be, in beautiful locations important to the couple. Bridal portrait sessions are available on location or in studio, or a combination of both. Certain locations may charge a fee or require a permit to shoot, and are not reflected in the below prices.

Bridal Session One - $135 alone, or $99 if purchased alongside a wedding package. 
-3 hours of shooting, 1-2 locations.
-3 finished images

Bridal Session Two - $195 alone, or $159 if purchased alongside a wedding package. 
-4 hours of shooting, 1-3 locations.
-5 finished images

Bridal Session Three - $300 alone, or $260 if purchased alongside a wedding package. 
-6 hours of shooting, 1-5 locations.
-8 finished images 
-Complimentary 16 x 20 poster print



Require something bigger? Smaller?
We can work together to create a package that suits your needs and your budget. Larger packages can be created by combining two or more listed packages, or we can create something from scratch.
If you only need a couple shots, say for a short/small wedding or for a courthouse wedding, I can accommodate that as well! It is my mission to provide quality wedding photography to everyone regardless of financial status. As such, I also offer payment plans should you want to purchase a large package and pay it off for several months before the wedding, to ease your day-of stress. 


How does this work?
I will walk you through every step of the process, and will explain all the fine print to you as well. Once your date is booked, we will schedule a face to face meeting to go over all the extra details, and to talk about your vision or ideas for your wedding. You may opt to meet in person before deciding to buy as well. Closer to the day of the event I may ask that you send snapshots of the venue to me so I can plan my lighting setup. On the day of the event, I will arrive at an agreed upon time (at least 1 hour prior to event start) to set up and test all of my equipment. This hour is not counted in the total hours you are billed for. 


Weddings and engagement packages are bookable up to one year in advance, with a non-refundable deposit of $100 required to book your date ($50 for all silver level packages). Payment plans are available to those who are interested. Deposits are counted towards total purchase price. A deposit will be due before each date booked.
If you have to change the date of your wedding after you have paid your deposit, you will not be required to pay another deposit unless the new wedding date is within short notice, or you cancel on short notice. If the new date is scheduled within 30 days of being notified, or if you are rescheduling during the week of the original date, you will be required to pay another deposit. 
All money owed must be paid in full at least 7 days before the date of the event.
Aside from the non-refundable deposit, if you cancel the event within 7 days of the event date, up to half of the entire purchase price might be held, and you will only receive half of your refund. This is to pay for the day that was booked. Alternatively, you can pay another $100 deposit and carry your paid balance over to another date of your choosing. Your money can even be used to change packages, buy other photo services with me, or to purchase gift cards if the wedding is canceled. If you cancel my services at least 30 days before the scheduled event, you will receive a full refund, minus the non-refundable deposit and fees/taxes. 
Some A La Carte items are items that are purchased AFTER the event. Most items can be purchased with your package, but others you may find you want to buy after the event date (ie; you want an extra photo to be edited). All of these items can be purchased and billed separately any time after the event.

Wedding packages work in a different way than other packages. For weddings, your unedited photos will be placed in a Google Doc for you to view and proof. You will then pick out which photos you want edited, according to how many finished photos you purchased with your package. Photos will then be edited, and the high resolution versions and web versions will be emailed to you. For packages including an engagement or bridal session, only the images of the actual wedding will be available for proof, as the other sessions will be considered a separate portrait or modeling session.
The finished photos may not be sold, but you are permitted to print and share them anywhere you please at no extra charge. 
Any extra "unedited photos" purchased may still be lightly retouched for quality. 
You are not permitted to save the photos on the proof page, nor are you permitted to upload any unedited photos online or to social media, including unedited photos in which you pay for*. You are also not permitted to make any alterations or changes to the photos, aside from minor cropping as needed for printing. This includes Instagram filters and similar editing apps/programs. You will be emailed two versions of each finished photo. One will include the word WEB in the title, and will be a web sized image for uploading to social media. Web sized images contain a very small Wurmwood watermark. The other version will include the word PRINT in the name, and are the large, high resolution versions. These are for printing. If you upload the print images to social media, they will be blurry, and if you print the web version the image will be blurry. You are not permitted to upload the print image or unwatermarked image to social media.

*Some packages include unedited photos. It is okay to edit these ones. Unedited photos however are not permitted to be posted online or on any social media, and may only be used for personal reasons and printing, unless given permission. When permission is given, you must state in the description of the photo that it is an unedited outtake from our session. If you choose to edit it, you must also note that you are the one who made the edits, and that it is still an outtake from our session. There is no need to add a watermark. *